The Typical Cost of an Average Home Security System

Home security systemsLike any security system, it will only be as good as the way it is used, and how it is designed to be used in your own individual situations. This article does not count as security advice and you need to speak to a certified security consultant when establishing your own security systems.Typical costs for an average home systemIf we work on the average home being a three bedroom with a single garage in a residential area standard across the country, this gives us some common measurements.The components of a security systemAny weaknesses of gaps in your system can be exploited and cause the entire system to fail. These are the components of a good security system you need to consider when pricing yours.Door and window alarm switches
At least one command panel
Backup battery power
Remote security or police dialout when activated
Infrared detectors for movement in key areas of transit
Audible alarm device to warn and deter the intruders
Visible alarm device to warn and deter intruders
Even a wireless portable panic alarm should be considered as part of the systemDoor or entry alarm switchesThese are commonly inserted into the door or window frame and activate when the device is opened. These are essential on any easy to access entry points because the earlier you detect an intruder the faster security can arrive.Motion DetectorsThere are many types of motion detectors but the most common is infrared motion detectors that sit in the corners of rooms or corridors to activate when a person moves in the room.You will need a sensor in every room that an intruder can access to reach valuables, and in the main hall, garage and toilet areas. This is because they often know your main doors are alarmed but your garage or roof access hatch is not.Make sure that all your detectors are covered by other detectors so the intruder cannot disable your detectors before they activate.Alarm signalsThese are important because they warn people that the alarm is active and people need to move to safety quickly. The alarms also cause the intruder to feel at risk of getting caught making them panic and leave before taking your valuables.The average house with five rooms, two hallways, three access doors, and eight windows will need a security system costing an average of $800-$1200 to purchase.You will also have to consider the security service monitoring costs of approx $30 a month so they will attend when an alarm is activated.Any faults or damage to your system should be included in your insurance, just check that it does.If you are planning to add CCTV cameras to your security system this will add at least $2000 to your security setup costs depending on the quality of the cameras and backup storage capacity.